Sunday, June 12, 2011

FO: The Red Jeans! (And a T-Shirt)

Well a lot of people have heard me mention/talk about/complain about/swear about the now somewhat infamous in our house RED JEANS!!  So it all started a few weeks ago when Mr A discovered a hole in the knee of his jeans.  The following conversation went something along the lines of...
Mr A:  Look Mummy my jeans have a hole in them
Me:  Oh well never mind
Mr A:  I need some new ones then don't I
Me:  Yes you do but these ones are getting too small anyway so that's fine
Mr A:  You could make me some Mummy
Me:  Well I guess I could or we could just buy some (slowly starting to stress at the thought of trying to produce even vaguely passable jeans)
Mr A:  No Mummy I think you could make me some..... red ones.
Me:  Red??
Mr A:  Yes I want you to make me some red jeans please Mummy, red is my favourite colour.

Okay then, I mean how could I resist a request like that.  So I dragged out the ever faithful Ottobre mags and found a jeans pattern no problem, then took myself off to the local fabric shop and got some red drill fabric (there was no hope of finding red denim), and the process began.  This project was a learning curve for me in many ways, not least of all in that is was my first ever attempt at a zip front fly.  I was pleasantly surprised that the jeans actually went together really well, the pattern pieces all matched up nicely where they were meant to and the zip went in with no major headaches - PHEW!  My only slight regret is not putting interfacing in the waistband which is the only shortcut I took, but I kind of did it on purpose not wanting the waist too stiff, and I now wish I hadn't.
So anyway the pattern is Ottobre 6/2010 number 31 the Paperback Writer skinny fit jeans.  They certainly are skinny fit and I love the line on Mr A.  I did a size 92cm with extra length and the fit is perfect everywhere except at the very top of the waistband so I think I will handstitch some buttonholes on the inside of the waistband and insert some buttonhole elastic to make them adjustable waist.
Being red, very red, they are nearly impossible to get decent pics of but here goes anyway.
First lot of pics were taken before I put the dome on the front.

And a couple on the man himself:
I also made the top in these pics which is just a basic long sleeved T-shirt from Ottobre 1/2010 (I think?).  I actually cut this out months and months ago but only rediscovered it the other day and thought it would be handy for daycare.  

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  1. Totally gorgeous !!!! Well done on the fly front. It's easier than we think. The red is great, good choice!