Saturday, February 8, 2014

KCW (kind of) Part 6: Multi Pocket Shorts

Ok so it's not KCW anymore but I did get these started during kids clothes week.  I then got them almost finished on Waitangi day and finally sewed the hems today.
I have wanted to sew these shorts since I got the issue of Otto way back in 2008 (yes this is another Ottobre pattern), they are from the summer issue (03) and they come in pretty much all sizes from 98 up, plus there is a longer jeans version as well.
What I LOVE about the Ottobre patterns for boys is that they have all the finishing details that make the clothes look 'store bought' and not 'home made'.  I love the challenge of this and it also helps with my "argh my boy is wearing homemade clothes to school he'll get bullied" complex.  For the record Mr A goes to a fabulous school where I have no worries about bullying at all, but you know I'm a paranoid mother when it comes to these things.
So anyway what am I waffling about?  These:

What's not to love right?  They went together like a dream and have details to burn (I actually left off the belt loops and the extra fancy top stitching on the backs and they still have plenty of 'extras'.  I love all the pockets, because boys need pockets!  There are SIX pockets in these, all huge and I love every one of them.  The big front patch pockets are incorporated into the fly which is cool, the contrast of the front hip pockets makes them 'pop' and the pleat details on the back pockets add a little something extra as well.

These were meant to have a full zip fly but Mr A didn't want one so I just adapted and botched a half mock fly (who knows maybe I even did it right but I made it up as I went along) and he requested a snap instead of a button (no arguments here on that one).
Even with all those pattern pieces (12 of them, yes 12), these went together like a dream and the fit is great.  I usually cut a 104 with 116 length for DS but he didn't want them as long as the were in the book so I cut a 104 with 116 rise and 104 leg length (slightly confusing at time of tracing but it worked well).  I actually still chopped a couple of inches off the length to give shorts rather than 3/4 pants to please the boy.  Oh and the fabric?  Once again I'm pretty sure this was courtesy of my Mum's stash from some time ago and the blue is left overs from his jeans I made recently.

Excuse the terrible photos, it's been raining here today so the front door was the only dry space we could find and I was getting rained on.  Mr A is pleased though so I can't ask for much more than that.  Once again Otto Rocks!


  1. They look great! I love the contrasting panel.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lydia they have been a firm favourite. In fact he recently asked for another pair (I must admit I was hoping for something with a few less pockets this time).