Monday, August 4, 2014

FO: The Travelling Traveller Tee

We have just all returned from a fabulous 5 week trip to the UK and France to spend some time with family.  One day I may get around to blogging about the trip but for now I really need to cacth up on the sewing I did before we went away.

Not long before we left I got the opportunity to test a super secret pattern for Jess from Gracious Threads which is to be included in the upcoming issue of the fabulous One thimble e-zine.  Thi super secret pattern is a gorgeous colourblocked tee suitable for boys or girls, called the Traveller Tee.

I cannot say just how much I love this pattern, it goes together flawlessly and gives such a professional finish.  I couldn't decide what fabric to use for my test and in the end I stumbled across a mens tee in a charity shop and decided to upcycle it for Mr A, being car themed I knew he would love it. 

The tee was from the local streetcar race from some years ago I think but was still in perfect condition and rummaging through my stash I found the perfect complementary fabric for the side panels.  I managed to get the front/back/sleeves out of the original tee and even salvaged the neck band :-)

 And on the model here at home :-)

 Now the travelling begins.  This shirt has now been worn in NZ, France, England and Scotland.
Trying out St John's Chair, Scotland

Checking out Hardrian's Wall, England

Exploring the Roman settlement of Vindolanda, England

Walkway by Hadrian's Wall, England

Saving Baby Inge, Beauval Zoo, France (No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo)

Hanging out with the primates, Beauval Zoo, France

At the bottom of 100 steps, Blois, France
There were many other occasions when it was worn during out break too, it met lions and tigers at a safari park, and saw at least 2 bird of prey shows as well as having fun on lots of woodland walks and trips to the river.  Now thoroughly tested I can say it is a huge hit and Mr A has already asked for another before summer hits here. 
I would highly recommend this pattern as a bit of a variation on the normal tee, and I can't wait to try and version with trim for girls.  It is a lovely slim fit for Mr A (I did a straight size 6 and the fit is perfect) and it works really well for upcycling as well.  Fab pattern Jess it was a pleasure to test it for you.


  1. the tshirt looks great! such a great find for an up-cycle! really like how you mixed in the vacation pictures, especially the baby one :)

    1. Thanks Stacey, it is a fabulous pattern.