Sunday, March 17, 2013

FO: Top for Me

Last year a friend introduced me to some fantastic one day sewing workshops that happen locally approximately once a month.  I am now kind of hooked, what could be better than 6h sewing time, child free, without interruptions and with a teacher on hand to answer all those questions I usually just ignore when sewing at home.
Recently I attended one of these sewing days and decided that instead of packing my bag full of things for the kids I would take sewing or ME!  In fact so far the year has been mostly about "selfish crafting" and I'm kind of liking it.  The fact that may children have both grown and will need new winter wardrobes this winter isn't lost on me though so I know I will get back in the loop of making things for them.
Anyway a top for me.  The pattern I chose was Burda 7828, but of course I didn't want it quite as written.
I love the shape and style of this pattern but it has a tie on the side which I didn't really want.  Instead I cut both fronts to the left front pattern and just sewed them both into the under bust seam, omitting any need for a tie.
I grabbed this pattern in a destash for about $3 and the fabric I used I also got in a destash for about $6 so all up a very cheap wee top.  I cut a size 34 and the only adjustment I had to make to size was to take a little out of the top of the sleeve seam as it was a bit too wide across the shoulders for me.
So here is the end result (obviously not ironed, oops).
I did the front neck seam and the bottom hems with a twin needle and I love the result, and it is so easy!  I borrowed one from someone else at the workshop but will be investing in one very soon.  Of course alternatively I could get my coverseamer up and running but this seems much easier.

And here are a few, particularly rubbish, modelled pics.  Remind me never to let DP tell me how to stand for photos again :-P

And while we were taking these photos this is what the munchkins were getting up to.

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