Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Two Wee Kilted Kiwis

Recently, well over a month ago, the daycare centre that Miss M attends had their annual Cultural Dinner.  This is the focus point of a couple of weeks of activities they do embracing the wide variety of cultures represented at the centre.  Everyone takes along a dish from their country of origin and much fun is had by all.
Mr A is always keen for any excuse to dress up in his kilt but I was stuck when it came to Miss M.  Good old Mum to the rescue though.  She was looking for something in a cupboard just a few weeks before and came across a kilt that she had made for me when I was not too much older than Meg.  So here they are, Mr A dressed in his family tartan and Miss M dressed in a kilt that her Gran made for me :-)
And a couple of snaps we got at the event.

Miss M actually got to dress up again a week or so later when we went in to show off 'all things scottish' and do some ceilidh dancing with the kids.  Mental note to self, attempting ceilidh dancing with about 20 pre schoolers may not have been my brightest idea ever :-)

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