Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Post for the New Year

This is not a New Year Resolution, I don't make those as I never seem to stick to them, I'd like to think of it more as finally getting around to doing something I've been meaning to do for ages.  I am going to make no attempt to 'catch up' on all the long lost blog posts of the last 6 months or so, or even try to explain why they are missing other than life getting in the way really.  What with activities for the munchkins, school, work, and Kakariki Crafts most days I felt like I hardly knew if I was coming or going.
With the start of the new year always come changes and this one is no exception.  I am starting a new job (sort of), well I'm doing essentially the same job for a new employer.  For most of last year we had huge amounts of uncertainty over our future as a science group and it was nice to finally get some resolution to that at the end of 2013.  I am excited about what the future has to offer work-wise, I feel like the new opportunities have come at a time where I am ready to face the challenges head on and give 110% to the team which is fantastic.
On the home front there is never a dull moment with the kids keeping us all on our toys and bringing joy and frustrations in equal measures as they grow into beautiful young people.  This year I would love to do more for and with them, and together as a family in general.  Plans are already afoot for a few large events which shall be revealed as the year goes on.  We are trying to fit in a few fun family activities before the new school year starts as well which is fantastic.
From a crafting point of view my aim this year to to have a bit more balance.  Last year I got pretty overrun with sewing for Kakariki Crafts which I loved but also found pretty tiring at times.  We had a great year as far as fund raising for the Amanda Taufale Trust went and while this will continue I will be scaling things back a bit, especially as the year gets busier at work and at home.  Later in the year if I feel up to it I may do a few markets (I loved the wee one I did locally last year) but I won't be pushing to expand things like I was through the main part of 2013.

 So how do I intend to get balance into my crafting this year.  My main aim is to do what I want when I want (sounds perfect right?).  I have already picked up the knitting needles again after they gathered dust for most of last year, and I have made a top for myself which I'll blog about in the next few days.  I have also decided to take part in Kids Clothes Week for the first time at the end of January which is one of the things that pushed me to start blogging again.

So enough waffle from me, I'm back (for now at least) and I hope some of you enjoy sharing the coming year with myself and my family :-)

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