Monday, April 25, 2011

A Week of Birthday Madness

Over a week in April three of the four members of our family celebrate their birthdays.  As you can imagine this makes for a pretty crazy time of year and this year seemed to be worse than ever.  So here are some pics of what has kept me busy and away from the computer over the last week or so :-)

First up was my birthday, this unfortunately ended up like this...
...a wee boy on IV antibiotics for an infected bite which meant trips to the hospital every 6 hours for another dose.  Not how I had intended to spend my birthday but there you go.

Gran was staying so there was lots of time taken up with her enjoying the kidlets.

Miss M learned how to do this all by herself.

There was a birthday cake to be made for Mr A to take to daycare.

A very excited wee boy (who was thankfully now feeling a lot better, although still a bit knocked about by the antibiotics) went on the train with Mummy, Gran and Miss M and went to see The Wiggles live in concert!

The wee boy turned 4!  Where did the time go?

Time for Daddy's birthday which he spent playing his new computer game with Mr A.

And finally a late night making this..

...for Mr A's birthday party :-)

And finally Easter :-)  There were presents from Granny and Papa..
And an Easter Bunny hunt (in jammies and sheep gumboots naturally).

Now I feel like I need a couple of weeks sleep to catch up!


  1. He has got these parties sorted out - invite all the girls!

  2. Gorgeous cake!! You did an amazing job. Love the pic of your Mum with little Miss :)