Sunday, January 22, 2012

FO Long Awaited Socks

It is my Mum's birthday on Tuesday and I made her socks!  Sounds like a nice simple idea except this ia a story 2 years in the making.  Just over 2 years ago I knitted my Dad a pair of socks in very special custom-dyed yarn for his birthday and he loved them.  So did Mum so I decided to knit her a pair for christmas.  Well suddenly it was christmas and I still hadn't even started the socks so I made Mum this cute bookmark, let her raid my sock yarn stash to choose what color she would like and told her they would be coming for her birthday.
Around about this time I found out I was pregnant with Miss M and completely lost all my knitting mojo for months, so Mum's birthday came and went and there were still no socks.  I did finish the first sock a fe months later but then the project languished in my knitting bag for over a year, oops!
With her birthday coming up again I decided the time had come to finish THE socks so here they are.  ll blocked and ready to be posted tomorrow.  I really hope she likes them and that they fit!  The yarn is Vintage Purls sock in colourway "Dusky Garden" and the pattern is Diamond Gansey Socks by Wendy D Johnson.


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