Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review: Peachy Playsuit by Felicity Sewing Patterns

This is the first time I have been given the opportunity to review a pdf pattern and while I did receive this pattern in exchange for writing this review, all the opinions in this are my own and I don't benefit in any way from future sales of this pattern.

I was really excited to hear that I could review this lovely Peachy Dress and Playsuit by Felicity Sewing Patterns.  I actually had fabric all picked out to make a similar jumpsuit for Miss M from the Burda magazine that I picked up on holiday so this pattern came along at the perfect time, and for that reason I also chose to make the playsuit and not the dress in this instance.

Firstly some pattern info.  This pattern includes lots of different options including pillowcase top or casing with flutter sleeve, dress or playsuit, and even instructions to adjust to a standard pillowcase top/dress and separate shorts.  It comes in sizes 2-14y which is great because many patterns don't cover the top end of that size range, and includes fantastic size charts.  I think this is really important as my children are never a straight size in any pattern.  By carefully checking all the measurements given I found I needed to cut a size 2 with size 4 length of bodice and size 3 length of pants for Miss M, and the final fit was perfect with no adjustments (big win all round).

I need to admit that when I first received this pattern I was a little intimidated by it, in that it seemed quite long and daunting but please don't be put off.  I would definitely suggest reading through carefully before you start and once you have chosen which options you want to do but really once you work out which pages of the tutorial you need the instructions are very easy to follow with good clear pictures and well explained instructions.

So on to the finished article?
The fabric I used is a medium weight cotton with embroidered butterflies which I pieced up at a fabric market last year, I love the vintage feel of it.  I chose to make the version with the full neck casing and flutter sleeves as Miss M finds this much easier for getting on and off herself than a pillowcase style top.  There are instructions for many lovely finishing features in this pattern including adding edgings to the sleeves (these are from Mum's stash),

 adding inseam pockets,
 and you are even reminded to add a tag to the back of the neck, which is fab because I always forget!
So what does it look like on?

 You may notice in this photo that the inseam pockets look low, they are but purely through my inability to read properly and I read cm as inches, oops.  So they are about 1.5" lower than they should be, she can still use them though.
Plus it's been tested for running...
finding things in the garden...

and smelling flowers.
Overall this pattern is a hit here.  I can see that eventually Miss M may ditch the belt as she can't tie it herself and gets frustrated but I love the look of it.  

I can see that I will be making more of these, hopefully next up will be the dress version with the neck frill, it's darling!


  1. Cool thanks for the review Alison, good to hear it goes together well.
    I have this pattern all printed out & ready to go tho I'll be making the short playsuit not the long one for the girls.

    1. I have recently made a similar short one for Miss M so went long with this one. I was very impressed with how spot on the fit was by being careful with checking the measurements. And yes it went together well, would have been even better but I somehow managed to sew every second seam wrong in one way or another, was just one of those days, lol.

  2. Hi Alison,
    Thank you for the fabulous review! The playsuit looks so cute and fits so well. You have sewn it beautifully and I love the trim on the frills.
    Stephanie from Felicity Sewing Patterns.