Friday, November 23, 2012

The Strength of Compassion

Well what a week.  I haven't written on here for way too long.  To be honest life just got in the way.  It was winter, we all got the usual winter bugs and then spent the time in between trying to catch up with life, work and spending some time as a family.  Several times I have sat down to catch up on here with finished projects, only to have been sidetracked for one reason or another.

So what brings me back?  Not a finished project or pics of a fun family day out but a need to have somewhere to just let some thoughts out.
The past week has been pretty horrendous truth be told.  My workplace was struck by a tragedy beyond comprehension when one of my close colleagues was taken from this world far too soon.  It has left everyone shell-shocked, angry, numb and sad.  Why is it that the very people that the world needs more of, are the ones who are taken too young?  There have been many fantastic tributes written and I'm not going to even attempt to compete with any of them as I don't have the way with words of many of my friends.  I do however want to acknowledge how thankful I am to work with such an amazing group of people.  It is amazing how an event like this can bring out a side of people that you just don't see in day to day life.  Through this tragedy we have pulled together as a tight unit and supported each other in the best way we know how.  We have hugged, talked for what feels like hours, cried a lot and even laughed a little.  Sometimes the words you most need to hear at a particular moment come from the person you least expect to hear them from.  In a world where it is all too easy to get caught up in meetings, budgets, project reports and the daily grind we have all taken time to stop and show how much we really care for each other.  I just wish this could have all happened under much nicer circumstances.  I have always said I get on well with the people I work with but I now know just what an amazing and special group of people they are.

So thank you all for being the wonderful people that you are.  And Mandy may you RIP, you will be in our hearts forever.