Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some family outings

Yep you guessed it another catch up post of a few things we got up to in the closing stages of last year. Will restrict this mainly to pictures or we will be here all day.
Firstly during the last school holidays I packed the kids up and we went to spend a week with Gran and Grandad.  We all had a blast and here is some of what we got up to.
First ice cream in a cone

Early morning fun

More early morning fun
Old skool gaming

Checking out the cars at Brayshaw Park

Taking a trip on the riverside railway

River Queen

Feeding the ducks

Marble board made by my grandad still going strong.
 A couple of months later we took the kidlets to a local Highland Gathering.  It was a fantastic morning out and the kids loved the highland dancing and the pipe bands.
Our highland warrior

Don't mess with these two.

First taste of Irn-Bru

Trying on some armour

 A trip to the local bike park.

And finally flowers picked fresh from the garden.

FO Birthday Outfits

Time to begin the big catch up of finished projects from the end of 2012.  I will start with a few birthday presents I made :-)

Firstly are two lovely wee peasant dresses for the sweetest twin girls who live next door to us.  I always find buying for them difficult and they loved getting the dresses which was nice.  I used the free Create Kids Couture Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress Pattern in a size 6.  All fabric used was from the depths of my stash.  A lovely quick and easy to follow pattern, been meaning to make a whole lot of these for Miss M but haven't as yet.

A couple of weeks later we hd the birthday party of a wee 4-yo princess.  I had grand plans to make a Dorothy dress up (from Wizard of Oz) but even though I made a size 4 it came out massive so it got shelved and I made this wee outfit instead.  Again fabric from stash and I did buy the t-shirt and just add the applique.  First time doing a flower and I was pleased with how it went although it still wasn't perfect.  The skirt I just did as a circle onto a yoga style waistband.  Super quick and easy and twirly as required :-)

It was really nice to be able to make some birthday gifts that were really appreciated, and use up some of my ridiculously huge stash all at the same time :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

Yes as usual I am a little late but hey better late than never.  We have a few really exciting things to look forward to in 2013 which I will do my best to blog about as they come along.  Personally I am hoping for some crafting time, some reading time and some more time to keep on top of my blog. 
For now though as a quick thank you to those who bother to read this and to spread a little bit of holiday cheer (albeit a bit late) I will do a quick giveaway.  If you want to join in comment below and tell me what crafting pattern you would really love to own but don't.  This can be a rav pattern or a sewing pattern available as a pdf download.  If you are on Rav and would like a surprise just let me know and I will choose something off your wish list and gift it :-)  I will do a random.org draw at 8pm NZ time on Friday and may even choose a couple of random people before then. While you are at it I would love to hear what you are looking forward to in 2013.
A happy and safe 2013 to you all.