Saturday, December 31, 2011

FO: Barbie clothes

In amongst the pre-christmas chaos the DD of a very dear friend turned three.  Wow can she really be three, seems like only yesterday we were having baby cuddles with wee Miss R.  Anyway she loves her barbie dolls so I decided to lend my hand to making some clothes for her beloved dollies.  So after a couple of false starts and a last minute dash to borrow a barbie for fitting purposes here is the result.  Most of the patterns were tutorials from this blog which were fabulous and easy to follow but until this wee endeavor I never realized that Barbie's come in many different shapes so having one to hand is quite essential.
Anyway the new additions to Barbie's wardrobe.
All together
And here modeled :-)

Dress - tutorial here

Top and skirt

Top and skirt

Velvet top and skirt

 All fabric was from stash and I must say that this is a fabulous way to use up those fiddly scraps of material that you just knew would come in handy one day.


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  1. Alison, these are so dear. Isn't the sewing very finicky?? I know that the homemade barbie clothes we have are SO much better and so much more durable than the store-bought junk. Yours are very stylish, lucky Miss M.