Sunday, June 12, 2011

FO: The Red Jeans! (And a T-Shirt)

Well a lot of people have heard me mention/talk about/complain about/swear about the now somewhat infamous in our house RED JEANS!!  So it all started a few weeks ago when Mr A discovered a hole in the knee of his jeans.  The following conversation went something along the lines of...
Mr A:  Look Mummy my jeans have a hole in them
Me:  Oh well never mind
Mr A:  I need some new ones then don't I
Me:  Yes you do but these ones are getting too small anyway so that's fine
Mr A:  You could make me some Mummy
Me:  Well I guess I could or we could just buy some (slowly starting to stress at the thought of trying to produce even vaguely passable jeans)
Mr A:  No Mummy I think you could make me some..... red ones.
Me:  Red??
Mr A:  Yes I want you to make me some red jeans please Mummy, red is my favourite colour.

Okay then, I mean how could I resist a request like that.  So I dragged out the ever faithful Ottobre mags and found a jeans pattern no problem, then took myself off to the local fabric shop and got some red drill fabric (there was no hope of finding red denim), and the process began.  This project was a learning curve for me in many ways, not least of all in that is was my first ever attempt at a zip front fly.  I was pleasantly surprised that the jeans actually went together really well, the pattern pieces all matched up nicely where they were meant to and the zip went in with no major headaches - PHEW!  My only slight regret is not putting interfacing in the waistband which is the only shortcut I took, but I kind of did it on purpose not wanting the waist too stiff, and I now wish I hadn't.
So anyway the pattern is Ottobre 6/2010 number 31 the Paperback Writer skinny fit jeans.  They certainly are skinny fit and I love the line on Mr A.  I did a size 92cm with extra length and the fit is perfect everywhere except at the very top of the waistband so I think I will handstitch some buttonholes on the inside of the waistband and insert some buttonhole elastic to make them adjustable waist.
Being red, very red, they are nearly impossible to get decent pics of but here goes anyway.
First lot of pics were taken before I put the dome on the front.

And a couple on the man himself:
I also made the top in these pics which is just a basic long sleeved T-shirt from Ottobre 1/2010 (I think?).  I actually cut this out months and months ago but only rediscovered it the other day and thought it would be handy for daycare.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Creative Space

So with all the finishing that has been going on here lately what is coming up?

Well I am still knitting as always.  When I finished this scarf I found myself in the very strange situation of having NO current active WIPs.  Okay there are still 3 or 4 WIPs that are languishing at the back of the wardrobe but we all have some of those, right?  Anyway in celebration of the completion of said scarf I took it upon myself to cast on two new projects in one evening, one is a test knit which will be for Miss M and the other is actually a cardy for Me!!  In fact it is the one I blogged about way back in January.

On the sewing front I have also been pretty busy.  It seems my latest addiction is vintage sewing patterns, in particular wee girls dresses.  I'm not sure quite what it is but I just can't seem to get enough of them at the moment.  I have had some great finds on Trademe recently and I'm awaiting some from Mum's vast pattern collection to add to them.  Here are some that I have gained recently.

I know most of you are thinking "surely she wouldn't be mean enough to dress poor wee Miss M in those" but hey basic styles are pretty fab.  My love of vintage patterns has also turned into a love of trawling the local second hand shops for these patterns and although I haven't bought any patterns I have had a few good fabric finds recently including 2m of gorgeous navy wool suiting for $6!!!

So sewing projects planned?  Well to be honest the list is way too long and a few things on it are super secret squirrel but coming up next are a pair of red jeans for Mr A (requested by the boy himself), a dress for Miss M (probably the top left in the second photo above since the baby dress pattern I was going to make for her had two pieces missing - grr), a couple of gifts and an outfit for Miss M (trousers, blouse and jacket).

Well all that should take care of all that spare time I have on my hands with nothing to do :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

FO: Saryon Scarf

Well I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I had been on a bit of a 'finishing' spree and that is continuing.  Hopefully soon I will find something to post about that isn't simply something I have made, hmm maybe something I am thinking of making ;-P

Anyway a couple of months ago and very dear friend had a special birthday.  As usual my solution to having no idea what to get as a gift resulted in the idea of making something so on her birthday she was given free range of my yarn stash to choose something she liked and decide what she wanted.  The yarn she chose was a lovely Vintage Purls Limited Edition in "Brantome", and a scarf was requested.  After trawling through Ravelry (and who would have thought there were quite that many thousand scarf patterns out there) I decided on Saroyan and here, after way too much procrastination, is the result.
This shows the scarf blocking and nicely shows the shape of it.  The main body of the scarf is stocking stitch with a leaf design along one edge.  I chose to knit this in 4ply on 4mm needles to give a nice soft drapey fabric.
And all done:
The weather has been pretty grotty here lately hence the slightly rubbish indoor photos but you get the general idea :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

FO: Trackies for Mr A

The next installment of my latest sewing phase are these simple wee trackies for Mr A to wear to daycare.  I used Burda 9828 as the base pattern.  The pattern was meant to have a turn up cuff but I didn't want this so I just didn't add this on.  In the end I did a size 92 and cut the length as I wanted it and they are a nice fit on him.  The pattern also had pocket flaps but since they didn't even properly overlap the pocket I didn't see the point and just left them off.
And a couple of action shots.
These have now been thoroughly tested at daycare and given the thumbs up so I think I'll make some more but maybe put pockets in the side seam of the next pair.