Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going To The Jousting by Mr A

At the weekend Daddy and I went to the medieval festival while Mummy and Miss M stayed home for a rest.  We had heaps of fun.
Here I am arriving at the park, Daddy let me look after the real paper money we needed to get in.

On the way to the festival we saw a real ambulance

When we got there we saw people bashing each other...

...and then they all lay down on the ground. (For the uninitiated this translates to mock battle)

The people were wearing funny helmets and clothes made of metal.

I tried to lift up a jersey made of metal (aka chain-mail) and Daddy tried on a helmet that made him look a little bit scary, but not really.

Then we saw the jousting.  There were people on horses some with big feathers in their helmets.....

...they went fast and whacked poles.

While we were there a man wrote my name on a piece of paper with a feather for one piece of golden money.

We had lots of fun and I hope Miss M and Mummy will come with us next time and Daddy thinks it would be fun if we all dressed up.

Mr A

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