Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Creative Space

So with all the finishing that has been going on here lately what is coming up?

Well I am still knitting as always.  When I finished this scarf I found myself in the very strange situation of having NO current active WIPs.  Okay there are still 3 or 4 WIPs that are languishing at the back of the wardrobe but we all have some of those, right?  Anyway in celebration of the completion of said scarf I took it upon myself to cast on two new projects in one evening, one is a test knit which will be for Miss M and the other is actually a cardy for Me!!  In fact it is the one I blogged about way back in January.

On the sewing front I have also been pretty busy.  It seems my latest addiction is vintage sewing patterns, in particular wee girls dresses.  I'm not sure quite what it is but I just can't seem to get enough of them at the moment.  I have had some great finds on Trademe recently and I'm awaiting some from Mum's vast pattern collection to add to them.  Here are some that I have gained recently.

I know most of you are thinking "surely she wouldn't be mean enough to dress poor wee Miss M in those" but hey basic styles are pretty fab.  My love of vintage patterns has also turned into a love of trawling the local second hand shops for these patterns and although I haven't bought any patterns I have had a few good fabric finds recently including 2m of gorgeous navy wool suiting for $6!!!

So sewing projects planned?  Well to be honest the list is way too long and a few things on it are super secret squirrel but coming up next are a pair of red jeans for Mr A (requested by the boy himself), a dress for Miss M (probably the top left in the second photo above since the baby dress pattern I was going to make for her had two pieces missing - grr), a couple of gifts and an outfit for Miss M (trousers, blouse and jacket).

Well all that should take care of all that spare time I have on my hands with nothing to do :-)

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  1. My goodness!! I really need some of your motivation...I have lost my creative mojo completely recently. Hoping to find it when I get home in a couple of weeks. Loving your creations recently!