Sunday, July 10, 2011

Testing Undina

Yes I have been back at the test knitting again, this time a gorgeous wee tunic/top for Miss M called Undina, tested for Elena Nodel.  This pattern is part of Elena's Back to the Sea collection which I tested another pattern from, Maritimes, earlier in the year.  As the last one was for Mr A, this time I decided to do the girly version of the pattern for Miss M.
I think I adore everything about this pattern.  I love the finished shape of the tunis, the detailing of the yoke and of course I am always a sucker for cables.  I completed this knit in Bendigo Woolen Mills Luxury 8ply and used Utiku Possum Merino in Lipstick as the contrast colour.  I completed a size 12-18m for Miss M even though she is only 9.5m as her chest size was between that and the 9m size and I wanted it to last her for a while :-)
So here is my finished version of Undina:
The cables
Sleeve detail
And a few, rather rubbish, modeled pics.  The light really wasn't great the day I took these and I will try and get some better pics once the weather here improves enough for me to take some outside.
I should just note that it isn't actually as 'bulky' as it looks in the pics and Miss M isn't build like a rugby player, she just had a whole lot of layers of clothes underneath it.

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