Sunday, November 20, 2011

FO: Baby Vertebrae

This project was a test knit for Kelly Brooker. When I saw her first photos of this design I fell in love with it. On first glance a frontless baby cardigan ay not seem practical but there are so many reasons this is a fab idea. Think of all those times a wee neborn alls asleep on your chest and you really need to take heir cardy off before popping them to bed. Have you ever had a refluxy or spilly baby, or a messy eating older baby and got sick of the endless woolen washing for the grubby cardy frints? Or my personal fav is that I think this design would be perfect for baby wearing, giving warmth on the arms and back while the wee one is snuggled up to you :-)
Anyway where was I? Oh yes having fallen in love with this pattern I jumped at the chance to test knit it for Miss M and here is the result.
The baby vertebrae pattern comes in a variety of yarn weights (4ply, 8ply and 10ply) and in sizes nb-2y (37.5cm-52.5cm chest).  Miss M is currently about 48cm chest so I had the choice between doing the 47.5cm or 50cm size.  I went up to the 50cm size and as a result the finished cardy is a little big on her right now but I think it will be perfect towards the end of summer/beginning of autumn.  Here I have knitted it in 8ply Skeinz Random Print in colourway Candy.  I was too sure about this yarn when I started knitting it up but now that it's done I am pretty pleased with the result.  For the 50cm size knitted with all lengths exactly to pattern this took exactly 150g.
Here are some pics of it being worn, Miss M was a bit too busy to be bothered with photos so they aren't the best.
I am still a bit obsessed by this pattern even having knitted it up, which is very strange for me as I don't very often knit a pattern more than once.  I can see this becoming a bit of a go-to pattern for me for new baby gifts though so be warned anyone I know who may be expecting or have a new baby.  Speak now if you don't want one, or if you do ;-)

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