Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blouse for Miss M

Months ago, in fact back at the end of April when I had some time off work as Mr A was starting school, I started sewing a wee set for Miss M.  I cut out the blouse and the jeans and so far I have still only finished the blouse.  In my defence I did actually finish the sewing of this about 6 weeks ago and then it took me another 3 weeks or so to get around to putting the snaps on.  That was mainly due to procrastination and the fact that I was going to be brave and do actual buttons and buttonholes but chickened out.
The pattern is from Ottobre 4/2008, design 5, Tilly blouse and I made a size 80.  I love the vintagey style of this wee shirt and really hope I get the jeans and maybe even jacket done to go with it at some point.  I made this out of cream viyella which I actually bought to make baby gowns way back before Mr A was born, see how bad I am at not getting around to things?  At least the gorgeous, soft fabric didn't go to waste though.
So here it is.
And a close up of the yoke detailing.
And now some pics on the girl herself.
The only problem I had putting this together was that I found the collar was too small or probably more likely the neck too big.  So I put a wee box pleat at the back of the neck before sewing the collar on.
Overall I am really pleased with this, my main problem is going to be getting around to ironing it so she can actually wear it.

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