Monday, December 10, 2012

FO A set fit for Dolly

Miss M is very into playing with her baby dolls at the moment so what is a Mum to do but make her some special dolly bits and pieces for her birthday. 
I went with a standard free doll nappy pattern that I found online and drafted the doll bib pattern from scratch (I did find a few online but none were quite what I wanted.  If I can work out how to turn it into a pdf, and there is interest, I may share it on my blog one day soon.
So here are the bits for Miss M's babies:
Bibs and a hooded towel
Nappies, wipes and a change mat
And a wee bag to keep them all in (theoretically).

With Christmas now rapidly approaching I have just made another batch of doll nappies and bibs for various gifts and donations.  Here are some of them :-)
I think I must be slightly mad because a small part of me really enjoys making these teeny tiny fiddly things. 


  1. These look great! What a fabulous 4 yr old would love a set like this....perhaps I should use up some of my scraps!!

  2. You should Renee, great way to use up those scraps that are too small for much but too big to throw out.