Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FO Birthday Outfits

Time to begin the big catch up of finished projects from the end of 2012.  I will start with a few birthday presents I made :-)

Firstly are two lovely wee peasant dresses for the sweetest twin girls who live next door to us.  I always find buying for them difficult and they loved getting the dresses which was nice.  I used the free Create Kids Couture Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress Pattern in a size 6.  All fabric used was from the depths of my stash.  A lovely quick and easy to follow pattern, been meaning to make a whole lot of these for Miss M but haven't as yet.

A couple of weeks later we hd the birthday party of a wee 4-yo princess.  I had grand plans to make a Dorothy dress up (from Wizard of Oz) but even though I made a size 4 it came out massive so it got shelved and I made this wee outfit instead.  Again fabric from stash and I did buy the t-shirt and just add the applique.  First time doing a flower and I was pleased with how it went although it still wasn't perfect.  The skirt I just did as a circle onto a yoga style waistband.  Super quick and easy and twirly as required :-)

It was really nice to be able to make some birthday gifts that were really appreciated, and use up some of my ridiculously huge stash all at the same time :-)

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