Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Treble Clef Christmas Decoration Tutorial

As we head rapidly towards christmas and the end of the year here in NZ we are also heading towards the end of the school year which means teacher gift time.  This year Mr A has been learning piano from a lovely young lady and I wanted to make a wee something to say thanks and Merry Christmas. As a result I've come up with this paper treble clef christmas decoration.


Materials Required:
Scrapbooking Card
Guillotine or Rotary cutter (or scissors)

1. Cut a 1.5cm strip down the length of a 12"x12" square of scrapbooking card.  In this case I have some I had left over from craft projects last year that is patterned on one side and white on the other.  I used a guillotine for this step but you could easily use a rotary cutter or scissors.
2. As my paper was plain on the back I then wrote a message on the back of the card.

3. Using the template as a guide make small marks down the sides of the strip of card at the distances shown from the top, you don't need to label these as shown in the template but the labels will be referred to later :-)  Be sure to mark the top three positions on the ride hand side of the card and the bottom three on the left hand side as shown.
4. Now make a small cut at each of the marked positions from the marked edge to just past the centre of the card as shown.
5. Fold the card (white or wrong side up) so that the C and D positions match up and slot the two cuts together.
 6. Now fold position B round to slot into the cut at position F.
 7. Next match up position A to position E in the same manner.  At this point you can put a slight curve into the inner end of the card to continue the curve if you want to.
 8. Take the straight end of card and curl it around a pen to give a curved tail.  And you are done!

I used a needle to thread a hanging loop through the top of mine so that it could be used as a tree decoration.

This makes a quick, easy and cheap gift that your children can even make.  I love giving handmade gifts and I think the personalised message adds a nice touch.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you decide to make some decorations of your own :-)