Monday, November 16, 2015

FO: Star Jersey

I have actually done quite a bit of knitting this winter but most of it has been tests for patterns that are yet to be released.  I did just realise though that I never shared this jersey that I recently finished for Mr A.
The poor child chose this pattern 2 years ago, he even came with me to the yarn shop and chose the colours for it.  I finally got around to knitting it this year.  Of course that meant he had grown half a mile and I no longer had enough yarn but thankfully a quick international yarn order saved the day - phew.

The pattern is from a Phildar  pattern magazine (Pitchoun Autumn/winter 2010) and it is design Pull #39-T10-052.  Because Mr A is tall and slim I made the size 4 with 8 length and mashed the sizes a bit around the armholes and sleeve caps, thankfully it all worked out in the end. The yarn is Cascade 220 sport and I'm really thrilled with how it has knitted up so nicely.
It's a while since I've done anything with colourwork so that was fun and surprisingly I didn't dislike doing the seaming as much as I thought I would (it has been ages since I last knitted something that needed seaming).

So here is the finished articles, it's not pink but a rich red, colour is more accurate in the modeled photos. 

The fit is lovely on him now so I just have to hope he doesn't grow too much before next winter!  The main thing is he loves it :-)

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