Friday, February 12, 2016

FO: Stinger Bodysuit by Sew By Pattern Pieces

I was very pleased recently to be asked to help out with testing the brand new pattern from Lauren at Sew by Pattern Pieces.  Introducing the Stinger Bodysuit, a fabulous swimsuit with zip front, three sleeve lengths and optional skirt, and comes in sizes 1-14y.  As always with Lauren's patterns the tutorial is very clear to follow and there is a lot of information about fabric choice and loads of helpful tips for getting a professional finish.  The thought of sewing a zip into lycra would send lots of people running for the hills but don't.  The technique used in this pattern makes it easy and there is a fabulous video tutorial for those who find visual instructions easier.  I love that there is a tab at the bottom of the zip for a nice finish, and a zipper guard to stop the zip rubbing, especially once the suit gets wet.
Down here in New Zealand while we are lucky to have lots of beaches and pretty good weather, we are also blighted by sitting right under a huge ozone hole meaning sun safety is a huge issue here.  My two wee monkeys are also blessed with fair skin, especially Miss M, who to add to that has decided wearing a tee over her togs at the beach is a no-go.  In comes the Stinger bodysuit, instant cover-up, no more risk of burnt shoulders and she loves it - woohoo.  I decided against making the skirted option this time around but it is super cute and I'm sure I'll be adding one to her wardrobe before long.
For Miss M I made the long sleeved version in size 4 with 6 length.  She adores it and couldn't wait to try it out on our next beach trip.  Disclaimer:  I got her to take her sunhat off for the photos ;-)

But wait there's more.  Along with the Stinger Bodysuit comes the Jellyfish Swim Cap, again in multi sizes, fully tested and the best part of all is it's FREE.  This is the best stash buster for knit scraps ever, there is no easier way to find your child in a crowded pool than for them to have a swim cap that stands out from the crowd.  This is a super fast sew, as in I made one while cooking dinner, and the kids love them.  Miss M had to have one to match her new swimsuit :-)

And of course Mr A was not to be left out.  I dug out some lego fabric and he is in love with his new cap and won't stop wearing it.  He was also super excited to have people comment on it at his swimming lessons :-)

So how do you get your hands on this awesome freebie?  You just have to pop over to Facebook and join the Sew By Pattern Pieces Sewing Circle group, easy as that!  It's also a perfect way to try out Lauren's pattern before you rush out and buy them all!



  1. So nicely said, Thank you Alison. Thank you for testing for me. :)

  2. Oh by the way I have also popped the pattern onto Craftsy as well! :)