Monday, February 14, 2011

My Big Day by Miss M

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Mummy and Daddy finally let me try some things I've been wanting to do for ages, I'm such a big girl now.
At lunch time it was my first time sitting in the hight chair.
Followed closely by my first taste of apple in muslin.  All went well until Daddy took it away to make it a bit smaller and easier to handle :-P
First stewed apple and baby cereal for dinner.  Finally they're letting me taste some of that 'real food'.
First time feeding myself :-)  I might look like I'm not too keen on it was yummy really.
Now that I'm such a big girl I don't need that silly seat thing in the bath Mummy.
Here's my big brother!
And finally my first time sharing a bedtime story with my big brother.

See Mummy and Daddy I am a big girl, stop calling me a baby.

Love from 
Miss M


  1. Tomorrow it will be first boyfriend with a car and first tattoo! just kidding, but they do grow so quickly don't they!

  2. She is just so adorable and is growing up fast. She will be loving it that she can get her hands on that food stuff that all the adults get to eat.

  3. Alison, she's SO cute!! And commenting seems fine for me (even on dial up!) :)

  4. Gorgeous photos Alison, she is growing up fast indeed. Peas in a pod too aren't they?!