Monday, September 5, 2011

Cars and Trains

Anyone who knows Mr A at all with know that he is an absolute car nut.  It is hard to believe now that he never even owned any kind of car until he was given some on his first birthday, the house seems overrun by them now.  So I guess keeping that in mind it wasn't really surprising that Miss M has taken a liking to anything with wheels as well.  She loves to get in on a good game of 'cars' and is very proficient at making a convincing 'brmmming' noise as can be seen here.
As well as cars Mr A has always loved his train set.  Lately every opportunity he gets, which is generally when Miss M is sleeping since she is a bit of a destructive menace otherwise, he builds fantastic train tracks.  Here are a couple of his more recent creations, not too bad for 4y3m.
And then just because she is cute, here is Miss M dancing to "The Flumps"

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