Sunday, September 4, 2011

A FO Update

I have been extremely slack at blogging lately mainly because life has had a bad habit of getting in the way of everything.  I have been spending more time home alone with the kids as DP has started traveling for work and this not only cuts into my crafting time but also my blogging time.  I have also had some health issues come up that have made things a bit more difficult than usual.  It hasn't all been bad though and I hope to get things back on track soon.

Thought I would start tonight with a catch up on some of the things that have come out of the craft room lately.  Actually reading that it sounds like all my crafting takes place in a  nice confined and dedicated space, in reality I have stuff in various stages of development strewn all over the house, but hey whatever works right?

First up is this wee baby doll dress that I made for a baby shower I went to recently.  Knowing the baby was a wee girl and getting some guides to colors from the mum-to-be this is what I came up with.
The pattern is the Kaia Babydoll by the very talented Rachel Evans.  I am particularly pleased that I knitted this completely from stash using cleckheaton country 12ply for the bodice and Skeinz random print for the skirt.  The actual pattern has a lace border on the skirt but I thought that might be a bit lost in the yarn so I opted to add a frill instead.  On the whole this was a quick knit and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I knitted the 3m size and as the baby only arrived last week I am guessing I will be waiting a while for modeled pics ;-)

Next there was the hat as requested by Mr A.  After the complete debacle of the "red jeans" which he has refused to wear since their completion, I was in two minds how much say to give him in this one.  But since he had requested a hat I thought I would give him a chance.  Letting him loose in my yarn stash proved dangerous and he changed his mind on yarn choice 3 times before settling on a lovely skein of Knitsch sock yarn in Polly which I received as part of the first Knitsch Yarn Club.  With yarn in hand I found a pattern and cast on before he had a chance to change his mind again.  Here is the result.  A Swirl Hat, I did the children's size, in red and blue.  I love how the yarn has striped and Mr A seems pleased with it, although to be honest I am not sure if he has actually worn it yet.

At about this time and feeling very pleased with myself I got a severe case of cast-on-itis and started 4 different projects within about a week.  These are now all close to completion so I will hopefully update with those soon.

I have also been forced to dust off the sewing machine recently.  My baby girl, Miss M, starts daycare tomorrow so I used this as a good incentive to finally get some of the lovely girly nappy fabrics I had stashed away made up.  We are very lucky that our daycare is fully supportive of using cloth and I love seeing her colorful bright nap pies sitting among the rows of sposies :-)
Here is the result of a few evenings work, all made to my own nappy pattern and a mix of poly print PUL, cotton print PUL and minky.
And finally after spending a good many hours searching the house for the wet bag we used for Mr A at daycare I gave up and made a new one.  I've had this cotton in stash since Mr A was tiny with the vision of making a wet bag so better late than never.  Super quick simple large zippered pouch, lined with PUL and big enough to take 6-8 nappies. 

So that's it for now, til next time...............

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