Friday, April 27, 2012

FO By The Sea

This wee cardigan was a gift for a friend who had her second gorgeous wee boy in March.  Once again I decided to knit the fabulous Baby Vertebrae cardy by Kelly Brooker.  This is the third one of these I have knitted now and honestly I think that is the most times I have ever knitted a single pattern.  Usually once I have knitted something once I don't have any desire to make another but this is so practical for wee babies and quick to knit that it is my fav baby gift knit at the moment.
This time around I chose some Cleckheaton Merino Bambino yarn that I had in stash and although initially I wasn't too sure about the color I was really pleased with the end result.
To knit the 0-3m size took only approx 70g of 4ply yarn as well so this wee project is not only quick but economical on yarn.
And to complete the gift nicely I managed to find a wee onesie locally that matched perfectly, yay!

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