Thursday, April 26, 2012

A return to blogland

Well somehow it has suddenly been almost three months since my last blog post.  How did this happen exactly?  Is there actually any reason or am I just slack?  Well in truth there are a load of reasons, one of which being I am just slack (and busy).
There has been a lot going on here since the end of January, a lot of which I will try and catch up on over the next week or so in a barrage of catch up posts.  In a nutshell we have had a fabulous time with Granny and Papa visiting from Scotland, sick kids, sick pets, more visitors, and more birthdays than you can shake a stick at, oh as well as all the usual day to day stuff.
On top of that though I've not been that well myself.  A comment made at my local knit night ages ago got me thinking.  I overheard someone saying "bloggers are such happy people" and I wondered if that was really me?  Am I one of those eternally happy people? Do I just blog about things that make me happy?  Or do I just blog when life is going along ok?  I think for me it is really a mixture of the last two.  Things have been tough since Feb with medication side effects and anxiety issues added into the mix of the chaos above.  The exhaustion has meant that I haven't been on the computer much, haven't been crafting much and as a result of both of these haven't blogged at all.
On a plus note though I am feeling heaps better now and getting back on top of things, crafting again and generally enjoying life :-)
More soon.

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