Friday, June 8, 2012

Entangled - A Chance to PIF

So the other day I was browsing Facebook, as you do, and I spotted a link posted by the lovely pattern designer Just Jussi.  This link caught my eye as it was about a local fibrecraft magazine called Entangled.  Now I have come across the name before but I must admit I have never really bothered to go out of my way and take a look at it, as in general I'm not much of a magazine reader.  This day however I had a bit of time while Miss M was having a sleep and I was enjoying a cup of tea and the peace and quiet.
The actual link posted was to a fundraising page aiming to make Entangled bigger and better than ever and the more I read the more I liked :-)  I downloaded the free preview issue and was really impressed with both the layout, all the pretty pictures and also the actual content.
So what is Entangled?  Stolen from Zinio"Each issue of entangled features an indepth view of fibrecraft and those who participate. We seek to inspire and inform crafters who craft because they love the process, those who craft as a means to an end, those who craft because they feel they have to, and everyone in-between."  Okay so maybe this is a mag for me after all?  
I decided to 'support' the efforts of this magazine and bought a one-year subscription and with it was gifted a free pattern for the gorgeous NZ themed mittens "Tiki Mittens".
I have been lucky enough to have already been gifted a copy of this pattern previously and have been told I can pass this copy on, so I felt a bit of paying-it-forward was in order.

If you would like this copy of the gorgeous Tiki Mittens pattern just leave a comment on this post, if you have a favorite magazine or book (crafting or otherwise) that you enjoy I would love to hear about it but it's not necessary, and please make sure you leave details of how I can get hold of you.  I will use to draw a winner on 12th June at 8pm NZ time :-)


  1. I just got my first issue today and it is so fab. So pleased I decided to go with the year's sub :) Lovely idea for a PIF.

  2. Fun giveaway! The ezine I love at the moment is Action Pack, which is a zine for creative kids, it's ad free and heaps of fun.

  3. Oh thank you :) I'd love to be in to win. admin at mummybrain dot com

  4. Thankyou for the chance! My fax mag atm is Littlies! Lots of fun things for my 3 and 8 mth old! rav name noisybabe007

  5. Dang I thought I had posted a comment earlier but its not there. My fav mag is Get Creative from spotty. Thank you for this opportunity too, I do love tikki patterns. Claude30 - tnn or Rav

  6. Love finding new favourite things! If I get chosen I'd like the pattern to go to Shortly please :-)