Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Well Earned Treat

Yesterday this got delivered to our house.
That is 4 m3 of pine sitting in a pile at the end of our drive making it pretty near impossible to get the car out of the garage.  So this morning we set about stacking it and by morning tea time we had it all put away and the general mess cleaned up, woohoo.  Many hands make light work and with all of us pitching in (even the cat came to inspect the handiwork) it was done a lot quicker than expected.
As a special treat to ourselves for doing so well we decided to give Miss M an early sleep and head to one of our favorite local cafe's for lunch out.  We don't eat out all that often so it was just lovely.
Miss M and Daddy enjoyed a nice warming growl of French Onion Soup, although I'm not sure Daddy actually got very much of it.

Mr A had a 'very yummy' sandwich.
And I had a super scrummy Vol Auvent
And best of all check out the awesome dragon picture they put on my coffee :-)

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