Saturday, August 11, 2012

FO: Trackies that actually fit!

Mr A is impossible to buy trousers for.  At the start of winter I bought him some trackies for school and had to buy a size 3!  They fit fine but are just a touch on the short size and I think he has actually grown a bit since then.  To go up a size is hopeless because they virtually fall off him, so for ages now I have been meaning to drag out the sewing machine and actually make the poor child some that fit him properly.
So today was the day.  Found the pattern this morning (ottobre once again 4/2010, design 11), traced it, chose fabric and had them all finished off before dinner.  Going by Mr A's measurements I had to make him a size 92 so I traced this size but added approximately 10cm length and the final fit is perfect.  I really like this pattern too.  It's designed to be made in woven fabric but I used sweat shirting fleece and I omitted the bottom cuffs from the pattern.  Also as this pair was really just to assess fit I didn't bother with the extra detailing at the knees or the belt loops or drawstring.  I think the next pair I make I will try the knee panel detail but probably not change anything else.
So the fabric I chose was some I had left over from some other trackies I made him ages ago that are now too short.  I'm pretty sure I bought a metre of the fabric and have now got 2 pairs out of it.  These ones are particularly economical on fabric because of the back yoke and option of cutting the front in 3 sections so you don't even need the full leg length to get a pair out :-)
Anywho.... the front
The pocket detail
The back
And on Mr A who is really thrilled with them.  The fit is great and the length is just about perfect.

And apparently they are good for bouncing.
P.S No idea why the photos are sideways but they wont turn around for me.  Will try again later.

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