Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sweatshirt aka taming the cover seamer

Way back in June I attended a sewing workshop with the express hope of getting my coverseamer working.  Unfortunately we were unsuccessful on the day but I have since taken it in for a service and been assured that it is working perfectly.  That being the case I finally got brave enough to tackle actually sewing something on it to try and get over my fear of the thing.
I chose to make a sweatshirt for Mr A using a vintage pattern I had here (actually I strugle to call it vintage since I was at school when it was first released) and some fabric I picked up at the Sallies for $4, can't go too wrong really.  Of course I couldn't find any ribbing to match so had to go for a contrast but since this was only ever going to be for round home who really cares.
So here is the pattern I chose and I decided to make him a size 4 which was the smallest in the version of the pattern I had.  I knew this was a bit of a risk as he is pretty skinny but in actual fact it turned out ok.  Overall I was surprised at how well this did actually fit, the only point I would make is the hood is huge and really just for decoration.
As for the coverseamer well lets just say it is partially domesticated but not quite tamed.  I did manage to get it going which is a massive improvement on all my earlier attempts but I did find that it still skipped stitches a bit.  This may have been something to do with material thickness and I think it was skipping stitches more as I stopped and started along a seam.  I tried it on some scrap woven fabric and it went like a dream but what is the point of a coverseamer that doesn't like knit fabric?
So without further ado here is the sweatshirt.

And a close up of some of the coverstitching.

And finally on the boy.  What is it about 5 year old boys that they can't stand sensibly for a photo?
So overall a semi-success.  Main thing is Mr A likes it and says it is really warm.


  1. I am trying to find out more about cover seamers with a view to buying one, when searching I came across your post, what sort do you have, and how are you finding it now?

    1. Hi Kaye and thanks for your comment. I have a Bernina 009dcc which I got second hand. I had no end of trouble with it to be honest until I took it to a really good service guy and got it thoroughly checked and serviced (the first person I took it to didn't actually fix the timing in it). Now it is going fine and I do like it. Having said that if I was buying again I would probably go with the Janome coverpro just because I have heard a lot of really great things about them from so many people. Have you seen this blog post? It has a lot of great information on different models etc