Saturday, February 1, 2014

KCW Part 3: Guitar Tee

See I told you I would get back to part 3, you just need to be a little patient.  So what was all the hype about?  Well in all honesty it was about a pretty plain t-shirt.
Last year I was lucky enough to be offered a massive destash bag of knit fabrics for just the cost of postage.  Now there is massive, then there is MASSIVE and then there is what landed on my doorstep!  To give some sense of scale each of those outer plastic bags is about the size of a bin liner.
 Anywho amongst all the scrumminess that was inside was a smallish off cut of knit interlock with guitars on it.  Mr A saw it and immediately asked if I could make him a t-shirt, which may have been possible if he has been about 6 months old still.  It has been packed away in a box since so this was a perfect opportunity to finally get it out.
The pattern I used here is Ottobre 3/2013 #23 as it filled the request of a rib neckline and not being too slim fit.  I colour blocked the front by hacking up the front pattern piece and adding seam allowances, and I'm pleased with the result.  The pattern went together really quickly and I even dragged out the coverseamer to hem the sleeves and bottom and it worked first time - woohoo.  You may notice that it is hemmed in white, I can assure you that this is a design feature to tie in with the colour blocking and had nothing to do with the fact I was too scared to change the thread on the coverseamer.
And finally a few pics on the boy today (cleaned of chocolate from his after school care programme the other day and moments away from having paint on the sleeve).

I'm pleased with the fit and it still has room to grow.  It got the thumbs up from the boy so I can't ask for more than that.

Adding a link to the Gracious Threads Colour Block Link Party :-)  Go check it out!  Gracious Threads: Embellish is for BOYS! week 3 with Amy

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