Friday, January 31, 2014

KCW Part 5: Back to the beginning

Having finished part 4 of KCW (the pull on jeans) quicker than anticipated it was back to pattern tracing and fabric cutting tonight.  I asked Mr A if he wanted shorts or trousers and he chose shorts, and not just shorts but "those shorts that were in your book with all the pockets Mummy".  So out came Otto 3/2008 (possibly my most used issue ever if the stack of traced patterns in it is anything to go by) and out came the tracing interfacing, pen and scissors.
Some time later out came the fabric.  Of course Mr A had to choose the shorts with 11 pattern pieces!!
These wee beauties also have a proper zip fly, along with their millions of pockets and top stitching, feeling a wee bit of apprehension about getting stuck into these tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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