Sunday, March 16, 2014

Girls Night In At The Movies

I am very lucky to have some fantastic local friends who are just as crafty and nutty as I am.  We get together as a group to debrief on life's events, put the world to rights and occasionally do some knitting as often as possible, well officially once a week but I'm more likely to make it along once a month or so.  I've decided this year to make much more of an effort to make it to these wee get togethers this year after I became a bit of a phantom member of the group last year as life got in the way.
A couple of weeks ago we had a girly night in at the movies.  We decided to watch The Breakfast Club and we all contributed something to goody bags for everyone.  It was a fabulous night of fun and gossip and laughter, some movie watching and a little crafting.  Here is what ended up in our goody bags, we were all so spoilt.  Everything was themed around the movie and people did so well with their 80's/breakfast themed ideas.
The whole lot.
 The yarn (which is so scrummy)
 Rubbish photo of some gorgeous teapot stitch markers.

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