Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FO: Nested

Finally!  Yes I have finally finished this cardigan for me that I started in March 2013.  I actually started this as a test knit and it is the first and only time I have ever not met the deadline.  The kids got sick, I got sick and life just got in the way.  I did finish it enough to check the fit though so it wasn't a total loss.
Anyway after hibernating for over a year I dragged it out and finished the first sleeve, then after another couple of months hibernation I actually got it finished. Woohoo!
Wait what about the details?  Ok the pattern is Nested by Alicia Plummer without the colour work on the back.  The yarn is the scrummiest yarn ever!  It is merino/cashmere/nylon in "Derelict Daughter" and "Dreich" from Old Maiden Aunt in Scotland (I was so sad not to make it to her studio when we visited recently).  Seriously this yarn is so light and soft, it's like being wrapped in a hug.  The only downside is that it does seem to pill quite easily, but hopefully santa will bring me a sweater stone to take care of that ;-)

Sorry for the terrible photos, I only had a 7yo photographer on hand.  I have worn this almost constantly since I finished it and can see it being a firm favourite for ages to come.  It's so light and warm to throw on when the weather can't decide whether to be spring or winter.  There are some details of this pattern I absolutely love too like the trim of a contest colour along the cast off edges and the lovely shaping at the back to give a deep curve hem.

So in celebration of having another 'me' knit in my wardrobe why don't you tell me what you are dying to cast on and knit for yourself?  It's nearly christmas after all so comment below (including the pattern, what you love about it and your Ravelry name) and at 8pm on Sunday 30th November (NZ time) I'll draw a lucky winner to receive their pattern on Ravelry. It's that simple.  Happy Knitting.


  1. I love Nested - especially without the colourwork it's classy simplicity itself. Yours is so wearable! (My Rav name is amazinggrace)

  2. Very nice! I would love to make Escarpment ( for me-my Rav name is noisybabe007 :-)

  3. I love your Nested, I think it's nicer plain. If I win I'd love to receive it's a pattern I've been admiring for a while now.

  4. Love it! I'm hoping to start this soon and have it as a staple card I next winter:

    1. Congratulations you will be receiving a wee Rav gift shortly :-)

  5. Awesome! I would really like to make this
    Mainly because it looks FUN and a bit quirky and perhaps a bit weird maybe for an adult. :) My Rav name is KiwiGirl36.