Monday, March 14, 2011

FO: Vanilla in Venice

So I have finally finished knitting something!  Actually I've finished something else too but it needs seaming and is a gift so I can't show it here yet.  Anyway this wee soaker for Miss M should have taken me about 2 days and instead took me over a week.  I blame a sick baby (which in turn lead to a very tired Mummy) and a busy pre-schooler for that.
This is knitted using the Vanilla Soaker pattern which I bought about 2 years ago and have finally got around to knitting.  I bought it to make a soaker for Mr A but he was toilet trained before I got around to it - oops.  I love the pattern and will definitely be making more (she says boldly!).  The pattern comes in sizes nb to extra large and details are given for both 8ply ad 10ply yarn so it's really versatile.  I love the construction of this wee soaker and the pattern is well written and easy to follow.  
Here I have knitted the 8ply version in size Med.  I probably could have got away with a small for Miss M as it turns out (the pattern does run quite big) but it is to go over her night nappy so I figured bigger was better.  I knitted this in Skeinz Random Print in colourway Venice and I'm really pleased with how it knitted up.  The contrast bands are some Utiku possum/merino in lipstick that I had in stash :-)
P.S  Please excuse the big scratch on her forehead, that's one of the disadvantages of having an early mover!

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