Thursday, March 3, 2011

On The Needles

Well with all that has been happening here I haven't been doing much crafting lately so I decided a "what's happening" post might give me some encouragement to get some things moving along and finished :-)

So here's what I currently have on the go:

A Vanilla soaker for Miss M in some lovely random print yarn from Skeinz called Venice.  I wasn't too sure about this when I got it but I'm really liking it knitted up.

This is a wee secret project that just needs seaming, finishing and delivering to it's new owner, more to come hopefully soon.

And I must admit that I love winding yarn from the hank.  It always heralds the start of a fresh project and I often get bouts of "start-projectitis" and end up with several things on the go at once, which could be why I have so many hibernating projects.  Anyway the other day I wound this gorgeous Knitsch yarn in Gwyneth to make a Victoria Cardigan for Miss M.

The aim now is to report back about the completion of at least the first 2 over the next week or so.

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