Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jewellery Making

Mr A has loved making wee bead bracelets for a while now, ever since an activity he did along these lines at daycare.  The bracelets he made there became very prized possessions and were worn for many many months until the once shiny red and green beads were all a dull shade of grey.
Last week I was looking in the back of a cupboard and came across a container with a few beads I had left over from bracelet kits I made for all the kids at his birthday party last year.  There were just enough beads for two more bracelets so Mr A studiously sat down and made these.  Then there was a cry for more beads but I couldn't magic some up out of thin air.  At a pinch we resorted to my bag of scrap yarn and picked out colours for some plaited wrist bands.  I did attempt to get Mr A doing the plaiting but he found it a bit frustrating and settled for picking the colours for me to make them from.
It was about this time, as I was wracking my brains thinking of things we could make a necklace from (we had moved onto necklace requests by this stage) that I remembered making necklaces out of those funny shaped polystyrene packing chips you used to get threaded onto string.  A quick email to Daddy and he arrived home from work with some of said packing chips (well actually the more eco equivalent today that dissolve in water but they do the job).  So the following day armed with a blunt darning needle and some yarn Mr A made his own necklace :-)
Carefully threading...
...pulling through the yarn.

The end result
Okay so it's not exactly the height of fashion but Mr A was very pleased with it and it was a great wee activity to utilise his fine motor skills :-)

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