Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Giveaway!

A lot has been happening here lately.  I have returned to work, which in turn means Miss M has become a big daycare girl, and she has just turned 1.  And of course not to forget it is SPRING!!!  I love spring, in fact it may well be my favorite season, so to celebrate I thought I would have a wee giveaway on my blog.  I have had a very good week for receiving yarn goodness in the mail and in amongst my packages was a scrum my skein of Vintage Purls Vintage Sock (this is not superwash) that just screams "Yay it's spring" to me.  It reminds me to daffodils and makes me feel happy just looking at it. This is a 100g skein of 4 ply merino/nylon.
So I thought it was time to spread the cheer :-)  Leave a message on here telling me what you love about spring and/or what you would make from this yarn and I will do a random draw at 8pm on Thursday 22nd September (and I am happy to post worldwide).
And if you don't knit enter anyway, this yarn is worth having around just to brighten up your day and maybe you can convince someone else to make you something scrummy from it :-)

P.S  Don't forget to leave contact details of some sort in your comment.


  1. Ahh Spring! My wood basket is getting put away...
    the sun is out longer and longer each day...
    my tulips are coming up thru the ground...
    and my gardening gloves are about to be found!
    My rosebushes are starting to get their wee leaves...
    and I'm looking forward to wearing short sleeves!
    I've already been invited to the first BBQ...
    now onto spring cleaning so I can have one here too!!!

  2. So gorgeous! I don't know what ply it is or how much it weighs, but it is the perfect colour for Saffron by Elena Nodel. Spring is my favourite season by far. I love how the days feel warmer, and they get longer. It's not too hot, and not too cold (mostly), and everything just feels alive again. I love the blossoms on the trees and Spring bulbs, just wish I had a few more blossom trees here, and I love all the baby animals that pop up all over the place.

    Robyn Turner (rangitotogirl)

  3. What a lovely idea - and a lovely skein of yarn :)

    For me, Spring is such a combination of things to love - the longer days and more sunshine, combined with the warmer weather and promise of lovely months of gardening to come. I love planting seeds and planning for a spring and summer vegetable garden, just as much as I love the spring bulbs (especially bluebells - our wedding anniversary is in just over a week and our wedding photos were in the bluebell dell at Hagley Park). All in all there's a lot to love about Spring!

    Happy birthday to Miss M!!

  4. oh its gorgeous!!! i think it would definately need to become a Garden City Shawl to be gifted on to bring some Spring cheer :) I love Spring because it means planting our summer garden, dresses and bare legs and its my birthday!

  5. I love the tuis in the kowhai the sounds of the birds, the flowerig blossums and the fact that people start to cheer up! Id pair this up with a skein of darker yarn to make a pair of these socks

  6. There's nothing better than daffodils in the spring :D

  7. Beautiful colourway!
    Spring is new life, new starts and new beginnings.
    This yarn is screaming out the same to me - hence it will more than like become a NB baby cardigan; new life et al! Most likely the Modified Drops Eyelet Baby Cardigan. I love this pattern - so versatile.

    missmuffetnz on Rav.

  8. I love spring because we see a bit more sunshine which brings hope to us that winter is going. The animals start getting smoochy with eachother and the flowers all start coming out.
    I'd probably make socks with it

    sewsable on rav.

  9. gorgeous!

    I love spring! love the birds in the trees, them chirping and singing :) love all the different coloured blossoms and all the daffodils :)

    Trish aka Tastic off tnn and rav :)

  10. I love the changeable weather of spring. Massive stormy dumps of rain followed by rainbows and birds singing in the trees. Like the others, I love the sound of tui in the flower, and we are getting alot of that around here at the moment.
    As for the wool..... Something that colour could add alot of life to a young girls dreary wardrobe.


  11. I love spring because the kids can get outside in their lighter knitty goodness and explore around and see all things new and old regrowing and being born :)

    Emma (HCsMum - TNN and Rav)

  12. Such pretty yarn!
    For me, spring means more time in the garden while the kids play, more washing breathing space, and thongs (or flip-flops, or jandals, wherever you may be from!)

    Anne (mama anne on TNN)

  13. Daffodils and sunshine!

    Aimee (aka Angel on TNN)

  14. I love spring :) It is like an awakening after winter, the flowers coming in to season spreading their cheer, the sun warming us up. It is my favourite season, not too hot like summer, not too cold like autumn and winter tend to be.

    I would use the yarn to make one of my darling nieces something super-cute to wear during spring, probably a dress or cardigan.

    Mamma5 on Rav.

  15. Flowers and the planting of the garden I've been dreaming about all winter.

    As for the yarn...I'd make a kicking sleep bag for my friend who will be having a spring baby. Gorgeous colours!

    (I'm dkfamily on ravelry.)

  16. Hi Alison,
    Oh How I love Spring...
    Sunshine and light rains that nourish the groud with new life...
    Flowering Bushes and Trees Blooming with Georgeous Colors!!!
    Your Skein would make a lovely soft wrap to snuggle around my neck!!!
    Here's to another Beautiful Springtime...
    Penny ( Pennyknits) Ravelry

  17. I love spring for its breathtaking colors. The yarn is simply gorgeous and would make a nice shawl for spring. Keeping fingers crossed. I hope I win.

  18. I love Spring because it is calving season! It is fall here and this gorgeous yarn makes me think of pumpkings. I would make these for my friends new baby. Cguard (on Ravelry)

  19. Love it! Spring and yarn! I'd make it into a summer days top for penny using Elena Nodel's new pattern. And spring, don't you just love it when washing gets dry, kids can play outside - it's the simple things in life right?

  20. Hi, I am new to reading your blog........ I love spring this year as it definitely means new beginnings and means my lil baby nephew is nearly here in a couple of weeks, after many years of trying my sister finally stayed pregnant but lost her baby girl during labour last december, she straight away tried again and is doing so well! Orange is her fav color for her baby boy, she even has bright orange curtains in his room!! So i would sooo love to win this yarn for her baby. I have knitted many things for him so far but haven't thought about knitting in orange or maybe some funky socks for her hard efforts!! Sunshine warmth laughter flowers and color... love it!

  21. oops i forgot to add contact details just in case..... "us" = 2monkeysmum on rav

  22. Lisa (pommeknitter) Spring is such an awesome time of year. Longer days to enjoy the sun. Lambs have sprung and bouncing in the paddocks.

    If i were still in the UK it would be a time for snowdrops and bluebells to appear.

    Here in glorious NZ its a time for new beginnings and new friendships. You hear all the birds singing at the crack of dawn, all the flowers are blooming.
    about a minute ago · Like

  23. I love the burst of new creative energy I get as the sun starts making it's way into the front room of my house again in early spring. I love the fragile warmth of the sunny days here in Wellington, the wild spring storms and those beautiful warm, sunny days we get after the storms where we can all hang around outside to play and garden.
    Bex (TNN)

  24. I love the colours of flowers and new growth and the extending day light hours. Plus the warmer temperatures.
    The yarn is beautiful and would be a shawl or socks that have been in my ravelry queue for far too long!

  25. Shelley Spring to me means..... BBQ's and catching up with friends over long drawn out evenings, where the kids can play outisde and we get to relax with good company. Love that colour!

  26. I love spring :) I love the smell of flowers on the breeze, I love that its warmer in the mornings and feeling the sun on my face, seeing the blue skies, that things feel new and fresh, and I love watching all around me spring to life again :)

  27. Lovely, lovely yarn Alison. I adore orange. Spring speaks of warmth and new life. Its fabulous after a winter in shakey sad ChCh.
    I think I'd knit a shawl, I've yet to knit anything so intricate!

  28. Spring...the shedding of layers of clothes and the sweet scent of freshias.

    It would get knitted into something cute for my friends grandaughter who is due in the American spring time.

  29. I love the smells of spring, all the amazing blossom trees coming into bloom,

    (xmasanglss from TNN)

  30. Ohh what do I love about spring?? Got to be the warmer weather, the leaves appearing on trees and the flowers. I love the longer evenings, bbq's with friends and well generally everything!!

    (taylas_mum on TNN)

  31. I love to visit the Botanical gardens and see the tulips display- just goergeous. I the blossoms, daffys etc i'm going to a sock making class next week and I've a friend that love that colour. Rebecca aka Happyathome TNN

  32. Spring! I love my beautiful cherry tree that brightens up my day every time I look at it, and the puffy little promising buds on the peach and fruiting cherry trees! I'm currently loving "Hearts for Christchurch" at the Canterbury Museum (and especially loving that the museum is even open. Gorgeous yarn, good spring fun, thanks for the giveaway :)

    Minty - Buttons by Benji