Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FO: Biddybelle

This is the first test-knit I have done in a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time.  I was in a bit of a knitting funk and often a test will help get me out of it because I have a strict deadline and motivation to keep going.  Then up popped this gorgeous wee dress on my Facebook feed and before I knew it I was knitting again :-)  Actually doing this test forced me to finish the hood on this too because I didn't want to start until the hoodie was finished.

So what was the project that took my eye?  The cute Biddybelle Dress by Hollyberry Designs.  This is a sweet wee tunic/dress with either short or long sleeves and colour work border.  There are lots of lovely wee design features that make this special, the wee 'V' at the neck, the pop of colour at the button band no the shoulder and the wide choice of colour work charts to choose from (or the option to do stripes instead).

I worked the size 21" for Miss M and did length to suit her and I love the result.  The main yarn is some I picked up in a Knitworld sale a couple of years ago and I bought a ball of Skeinz Urban for the colour work (this is one of the flower designs)

And just because they are cute :-)


  1. That is gorgeous! I want to learn to knit like that!

    1. Thanks. It's not hard really just takes a bit of patience and practise :-)

  2. Test knits are good for that, I'm doing one at the moment too and it's also getting me going on other knitting.

  3. This is beautiful! I'm trying to learn to knit! I think it's teaching me patience haha!

  4. I miss having time to knit. I'm doing a tiny bit here and there, but would love to do a pretty dress like this. Great job!