Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FO: Cannes Hoody

I thought it was about time that I proved I haven't forgotten how to knit :-)  I actually have 2 knitting projects that are waiting to be blogged about but  chose this one first since I started it  *cough* quite some time ago.
The story behind this project goes something like this:
Me "Mr A what kind of jersey or cardy do you want for winter?"
Mr A "One with a hood and those twisty bits on"
Me "Perfect"
I had the yarn already picked out and I knew the perfect pattern, in fact I'd knitted it before (tested it even) but Mr A never got to wear it as he grew out of it before winter arrived, grr.
After the last sizing debacle I chose my size very carefully, so carefully in fact that I picked up a couple of errors in the pattern which have since been fixed by the designer.  Oh yes the pattern is Maritimes by Elena Nodel and there are countless options with this pattern, including the one that fitted Mr A's brief. I love the interesting cables that Elena puts into her patterns, they look fantastic and make the knitting so fun.
This time around according to the size chart I did a size 5 with 6 length for mr A, even though I did the loose fit version it has turned out more of a slim fit (as per issues now corrected mentioned above) and I did have to rip back the bottom cable to add more length to the body (possibly because my row gauge was slightly out).  The only other change  made was to not add the buttons to the front placket, again at the request of the wearer.
So was it all worth it?  I think so :-)  The yarn I chose (Red Riding Hood Yarns Beau Superwash in colourway Cannes) was amazing to knit with and made the whole process a joy, and I haven't had one complaint about scratchiness, woohoo.

Once again my photography really doesn't do this project justice and the boy has barely taken it off since I finished so he must be happy with it.  Now to hope he doesn't grow too much and can wear it next winter too (I don't like my chances).

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