Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lots Of Sewing But Not Much Showing!

It would be very easy to assume form the lack of posting on here that I've been slack on the sewing front lately. Actually the reality is quite the opposite and the state of my house is testament to that (I mean honestly those who think housework comes before craft need some kind of emotional guidance and help). I can share this cute wee top that I made a few weeks ago for a dear friend of my DD who was turning 3. It's a size 2 (she's tiny) Raindrop Tee (I am all sorts of in love with this pattern and have about a gazillion more planned) in some gorgeous owl print euro knit that I've had stashed for quite some time. She had an owl party so I felt this was fitting :-)  The best part was she loved it and it fitted, woohoo.
Raindrop Tee
 As for everything else, well for one reason or another I can't share any of it yet :-(  But the wait will be worth it I promise, well I think so anyway.  Most of these projects are either pattern tests which are awaiting pattern release (or blog tour dates) or for Miss M's birthday (can you believe she will be 4 in just 8 more sleeps!).
So just to prove I've not been completely lazy here are some sneak peeks of what will be coming up over the next couple of weeks, any guesses as to what each photo is are welcome but there are no prizes I'm afraid.

And finally some fluffy mail I got the other day.  Now to decide what to make with it all (and for who?).

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  1. Lovely work! I did find that housework came first today, that usually happens when I start to stick to the kitchen floor or the dust bunnies are chasing me. Today was the sticky one.