Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dress That Nearly Wasn't

Well that says it all really.  THE dress is finally done.  Anyone who knows me IRL or online will have heard me mumbling and grumbling about this creation on and off over the last couple of weeks.
So here's the general idea
I should have known from my very first oopsie that this wasn't going to go well but it went something along the lines of
* Forget to cut the skirt out on the fold so had to get more fabric so I didn't have to have big joins front and back of the skirt (about now I should have started to think twice about continuing, but did I... NO).
* Sewing the underneath romper part I put the elastic on the wrong side, unpicked it and sewed it again on both legs only to find out that it was right the first time and have to unpick it ALL again and redo it (time to stop sewing for the day you might think?  Well if I had half a brain yes, but I soldiered on!)
* Time to attach the skirt to the bodice and although it worked I'm sure I did it in the most difficult way possible.
* The end is in sight.  Miss M is awake but happily playing so "I'll just quickly sew the romper on and it will be done" - NOT!  Somehow I managed to attach the romper not only inside out but back to front, and I overlocked it before I realised.  Queue throwing the dress in the corner, turning off the machine and going in search of chocolate.

Anywho after that somewhat embarrassing array of errors I got back to this today and here is the final result.

And thankfully for my sanity and that of all those around me it fits with room to grow :-)
And here's my wee girl showing off her latest trick!  Yes she is standing just by holding onto the toy box and yes she is only 4.5m old.  So much for my sit quietly in the corner baby - hehehe.

So after this sewing debacle you may think I will pack up the machine for a while but no.  Look what arrived in my letter box last week.  
My new ottobre mag and some yummy Michael Miller cord earmarked for a winter pinafore for Miss M.  I need to make a new nappy stash for Miss M as well so there will be more sewing posts over the next wee while.


  1. It's gorgeous though after all that! Well done on finishing it while it will still fit and be suitable for the season! And OMG! Standing?

  2. What a gorgeous pattern that is Alison & I'm thrilled you persevered as it was definately worth it in the end!! love your comments many times have we said to ourselves 'What was the 1st clue you should have walked away from the machine?!!'
    I'm abaout to make miss Sophie a little pinafore with some lovely seersucker type fabric I got today for Natahlia's library book bag (for SCHOOL!!.. can you believe it???)..thought it was so cute I just had to make Sophie an outfit will post a pic on fb when finished but doubt it will be as cute as your one!!

  3. Alison it was def worth the effort - it looks fab. Hey at least when you overlocked it you didn't accidentally let the fabric bunch up so you also overlocked a big hole through the front bodice (yes I did that with a dress for Brittany - I had finished the entire dress but it had tule underneath and I decided to overlock the tule to neaten it - big mistake!!!)

  4. Yay, so pleased you finished it. It looks beautiful, I I echo Julia's "OMG Standing" LOL