Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

A new year means resolutions for a lot of people. Personally I'm so rubbish at following through with them that I don't normally bother. I have set myself a few challenges for 2011 however.

The first is this blog. I've thought about starting one on and off for ages now but always put it off, so my first challenge to myself is to keep this going and maybe even have some followers by the end of the year.

My second challenge is to remember to look after myself and take time out for me whenever I get the chance. Whether this is coffee out with a friend, catching up with the local knitting group or crafting when the kidlets are sleeping.

Which leads to my third challenge, or group of challenges. These come from our 2011 Challenge group on Ravelry and are:
* Working through my "must knit" list for this year which includes this for Miss M,
This for Mr A
And this for me
* Finally finishing up some WIPs including my whisper cardy and a long overdue second sock for Mum.
* Stash-busting! So it's time to come clean, here is the bulk of my yarn stash!

I'm not going to make any rash promises of not buying any yarn this year but I do hope to use more than I buy so photos taken at the end of 2011 show a different and smaller stash!

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