Monday, January 24, 2011

Nowhere To Park

So what is this post about?  A trip to the mall?  The library carpark on a rainy weekend?  Nope!

Mr A, who is dead nuts on vehicles of any shape, size or variety got the coolest roadways set for christmas.
He was playing with it with Daddy last weekend when he proclaimed "But there's nowhere for the vehicles to park Daddy".  Queue the cogs slowly starting to turn and a trip to the local hardware store for mdf, black spraypaint, a test pot of white acrylic paint and a drill bit.  And so the process of carpark making began.  After measuring, cutting, drilling out the holes, black spray painting, masking and painting (with the help of Mr A, if you decide to try this at home the combination of a 3.5yo and acrylic paint isn't necessarily a good one) we had this.
Remove the masking tape...
and play :-)
Mr A was thrilled and the cars seemed pretty pleased with the results as well.  Now to wonder if 23 car parking spaces is enough or if an extension will be required before too long.


  1. Wow! That is fantastic, I bet you little one is thrilled with it. My son has so many toy cars in boxes, as his Grandparents have now given him all my OH's tpy cars from when he was a boy...lots of James Bond match stick cars!
    Lovely blog. B:))