Friday, January 14, 2011

These Lazy Hazy Days

I have to admit I love summer. I often tell people that I'm solar powered, I seriously struggle during long periods of grey rainy weather, and lets face it you can't beat a warm, clear, calm summers day. Unfortunately where we live the hot sunny weather is usually accompanied by a gale force wind but this summer we've been really lucky and had quite a lot of calm(ish) days where we've been able to get out and enjoy the weather.

For me growing up the lazy hazy days of summer were spent here...

At our bach that is (or beach house for those non kiwis amongst you). We would while away the summer holidays swimming, boating, playing on the beach, scrambling over rocks and soaking up the sun. This is still what I think of when I imagine a perfect lazy summers day.

Today however I had a lovely lazy summer day kicking back at home with the kidlets, and it was even quite productive. While Miss M slept Mr A had a ball tearing up and down our (rather steep) driveway on his wee ride on motorbike while I hung out the washing and even tackled the garden, the horrible creepy vine thing might not thank me but the flax bush I found underneath looks a lot happier :-)
Mr A and I baked this...
and he cleaned out and sorted his toy boxes with the help of Miss M and myself.
Then after more gardening and bike riding we figured we'd earned some afternoon tea.
We even managed to fit in some colouring, card games and playing cars before Daddy got home :-)
So often I think we have to go somewhere or do something to have a good day but today has reminded me that's not necessarily the case.

Oh and what could make a good day better? News of a new LYS opening soon ;-)

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