Saturday, March 5, 2011

Holland Road Yarn Company

So I have a new local hangout yarn store and it is about as fab as fab can be.  I mean what more could one want than a place to knit, chat, have a coffee, drool over patterns and fondle yarn?  All this has come to pass at Holland Road Yarn Company.
Images stolen with permission of Tash

As you can see there is a lovely array of yarn and fibre in every colour imaginable.  There is a lovely balance of local and imported yarns including Knitsch (of course!), Red Riding Hood yarns, Spinning a Yarn, Cascade, Vintage by Skeinz, Fyberspates and Malibrigo.  

Here are the spoils that have made it to my house so far, some knitsch sock seconds, fyberspates scrumptious merino/silk 4ply/sport in cherry, skeinz vintage (6 balls for a cardy for Miss M) and the gorgeous Autumn Vines Beret pattern by Alana Dakos (Never Not Knitting). 

So if you ever find yourself near 281 Jackson Street in Petone do pop in for a knit and a chat you wont be disappointed.  Tash doesn't even mind loud squealing babies ;-)

P.S  For those who can't make it you can always check out and shop online.


  1. oooooh the merino silk is just to die for right?!?!

  2. Wished I lived in Petone again! It looks fantastic, I follow Tash @knitsh on Twitter and have been following her shop journey, so seeing it inside is great. The wool is beautiful. B:)

  3. Hannah the merino silk is amazing! The sheen on it is amazing. I have some in laceweight and had to add the sport weight to my stash. It is destined to be a very special gift.

    Becky the shop is just amazing and I'm sure I'll be spending quite some time (and $$) there in times to come, especially while I'm still off work :-)