Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FO: A Purple Pinny

With it coming into winter and having a wee girl to craft for I have found that my latest obsession is pinafore dresses, particularly corduroy ones!  I mean what is cuter than a wee girl in a pinafore, long sleeved top, hand knitted cardy and tights?  So here we go with the first of what will probably be many (don't say I didn't warn you about that!)
The pattern is once again from ottobre magazine, this time winter 6/2007, baby cross-over pinafore dress.  I found the purple needle cord at a local fabric warehouse for $10 a metre and this wee dress took just under half a metre, the floral lining is some that I stole from the depths of Mum's fabric stash ages ago.  In fact the velvet ribbon and thread cost more than the fabric.
The dress...
And some of the details.
I think the most surprising thing about this project for me was that I actually got to sit down and make it pretty much all in one go.  Usually I have to grab 10 mins sewing time whenever I can so it was nice to see this go together quickly.  I also love sewing with corduroy, it sits so nicely when you are sewing it.
And of course some pics on the girl herself, quite a few because she's so cute!

And my favs of her at the glass door...

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