Saturday, May 28, 2011

It still fits!

I have a real thing for vintage baby knitting patterns.  I have been collecting them for years now and so when I found out we were expecting last year I was determined to knit something 'special' and vintagey for the baby.  Before Mr A was born I had knitted a shawl but as we were also given a couple I didn't really want to knit another.  I the end I decided on a 3ply vintage carrying coat and hat set.  Although my pattern collection is rather large I didn't have anything that went under about 6m size that I liked but a lovely lady from my knitting group came to my rescue with a smaller sized pattern. The pattern is from a paragon book and I knitted this in 3ply luxury from Bendigo Woolen Mills.  I knitted both the bonnet and helmet as we didn't know if we were expecting a wee girl or boy :-)
This was packed in my hospital bag and Miss M wore it home from hospital when she was less than 24h old, and yes it was a bit big but never mind.
Miss M wore this a few times in her first couple of months or so but then with the onset of summer it was packed away.  As I was sorting out her drawers recently I came across it and to my surprise and excitement it still fits her!  I was hoping to knit her another one for winter (and still might) but she will be wearing this at every opportunity.  She wore it today (at just over 8m) and I snapped some pics (a lot of them rather rubbish).

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